We're getting new siding.

The old siding was T11 on top of studs. The new siding will be Plywood.
On top of that, we'll put James Hardie Primed-Hz 10 Fiber Cement Smooth Lap Siding.
This is the front of the garage with OSB (oriented strand board) on it.
After this was done, I decided to pay extra and use 1/2" plywood instead.
The OSB can stay on the garage, but the rest of the house will be plywood.

Most of the plywood is done around the house. The back deck not started yet.
All of the sliding doors, and most of the windows will be replaced.
The lower half of the driveway will be replaced.
And the Fiber cement smooth lap siding isn't started yet.
I think it will be somewhat fire resistant.

Monday, the concrete guy who will do the driveway is due to come over.
And the Costco insurance representative will come look at the damage from the leaky dishwasher.
KitchenAid seems to be dragging their feet on this. When can I stop doing dishes by hand?

There's a large magnolia tree in front of the house, so I cannot get a complete pic of the front.
Worse, it needs much more water than I've given it, so it's lost lots of it's leaves.
Magnolia leaves, on a well maintained tree, last forever.
If it doesn't get enough water, the leaves fall off, and NEVER grow back.
You can see that I haven't watered it enough. Some of the top branches are bare.