Lin Lyons' home page

I started writing html, at 81, in Feb, '23. After decades of assembler language, this is kind of fun. And easy. Well, starting is easy.
This entire page was less than 100 lines of html. (In assembler, that ain't enough to even get started.)
But there are no error messages. What you get is, "It doesn't work", or "It's not supposed to look like that." Less than helpful.
I'm trying to change a couple things. I accidntally stumbled on more DIV stuff, and After 2 months, it might start working.
However, I'm in the middle of renaming a set of files, so it's quite possible that a couple things won't work, until I finish.

New today, on the test page, looking to replace the yellow section of this page to have pictures. And park swing.

I've wanted to write html for years, so this is my vanity website. Just because I can. [Yeah, that's kind of a stretch.]
Flying my hang glider at Mt Hull. [Sadly, it was the last time I flew, because with a twice torn rotator cuff, I can't pick up my glider.]
And yes, that's me, jumping off the cliff in Yosemite. [It's the only pic I have.] Okay, there was a ledge I landed on.
(At this point, I suspect that I've used all 9 of my lives, and then some.)

Do you know how a park swing works? Probably not.
We're getting new siding on the entire house. It's a major project.
Stripping insulation off electrical wire
Speaking of having used up all 9 of my lives, I had a heart attack, 4/8/23. Better now. I don't recommend it.
My brother, Stew, 2nd of 5 siblings, all different, and yet not so much. 1946-2023. Now with house pictures.
Hey, I was Santa at the mall
Stuff around the house, inside, outside, and food. Now with a Recipe Page
Bookshelf unit I made, that I like
html school. html Youtubes are boringly slow. Comments & criticisms, appreciated. Check the overview pages
Projects that my nephew, Davin Lyons, did around the house.
My garbage disposer replacement. (Yes, it's called a disposer. I didn't know either.)
Wide, 5-panel, panoramic rear view mirror
Hang gliding
I like math and physics. Including links to Vertasium and Kathylovesphysics. And park swing.
In IBM world, sorting a table, and searching for character strings in a file.
Programming (SCAN). Specifically, file search, string select programs.
How to empty a leaky waterbed
Brief description of SPFlite, the editor I use, and really like.
Youtube videos that I like.
Really bad intro to IBM assembler
Link to test a page I might be working on. Sometimes they work on my PC, but not when I upload 'em
I like Berry Best Family Farm, so I made a webpage for them (that is NOT maintained with today's produce)
My dementia progress

These are some sites that I like and/or use. (So far, I think I'm going to stick with my yahoo email. We'll see.)