Testing how to replace yellow section with pictures. Look at the test page.
And added a park swing description.

Dementia page.

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Working on a new index (main) page, with the intent of changing the yellow section to descriptions with pictures.

I've added a wire stripping, and house siding pages.

A description of how park swings work to the math page.

I've loaded descriptions of several SCAN programs
They read a file and look for one or more specified strings, and copy only those records.

And, what to do when your waterbed leaks.
The Stihl weed whacker. Wouldn't start.
There were tall weeds near the street. Somebody's been on my case to cut 'em.
Yesterday, 2 of us tried to start the Stihl. Didn't work. Tried a lot. Didn't work.
It's not been used for a few years, so the gas may well be stale.
On the way home from breakfast this morning, I stopped and bought:

The guy said I might need to empty the fuel tank and start fresh.
That did occur to me, but what to do with that old fuel?
Put some fuel injector cleaner into the fuel tank (which was about 80% full).
Sprayed a bunch of ether around where I thought the air intake might be.
(Got a face full in that process, which was less than fun.)
Pulled the starter several times. Finally got a little response.
A few more times, and it caught. $12 and it's working pretty good.
Cut the patch in question. The green barrel is overflowing (it was already 1/2 full). Time to rest.
If your gas engine isn't working well, fuel injector cleaner is magic. And a little starter fluid doesn't hurt.
Once it's going, and warm, it'll burn nearly anything.