Short intro to SPFlite

If you program in an IBM mainframe shop, chances are that you'll use the ISPF editor.
SPFlite ie pretty similar (it's modeled after ISPF) so there's almost no transition.
If you're new, there's stuff to learn, but it's worth it. Check the summary at the end.
SPFlite is a line editor, and that makes a difference.
With Notepad, if you push Delete, and you're slow, you can delete the whole document.
With a line editor, like SPFlite, you only delete what's on that line.
To delete more lines, there is a different command. is the website, and you can download it from there.
Yes, there is a lot to learn. I've used SPFlite. and Notepad, and Notepad++.
I only use SPFlite. It just works too well.
The download is free. You get the whole, fully functional program.
George does ask for a donation, it's the honor system. (But worth it.)