New house siding

We getting new siding on the entire house. It's 40 years old,
and while some is still okay, some is way past replacement age.
I've also been led to believe that the new stuff is better than the original.
So we're replacing all of it. The intent is that this page shows progress.


Generally, the front of the house is the most irregular, so that's where he started.
It looks like he's going slow, but the sides where there aren't irregularities should be faster.
That is, assuming that being 20-30-?? feet off the ground isn't a problem.
But he said that he has that covered, and won't need to use scafolding.
When he, and the guys that will work for/with him get there, there'll be pictures.
This is just the start. The garage and the front of the house, to the left of the garage.

What you see now is mostly the Home Depot brand of Tyvek.
That covers the entire house, underneath the siding.
Some of the studs around the driveway had to be replaced,
because of dry-rot. The replacement is pressure treated.
That's done and covered up already.