Replacing my garbage disposer

It's always fun, crawling under the sink, to reinatall all the drain plumbing.
Even more fun as you get older. Methuselahlistically older.

This is almost what I wanted, with the
new garbage disposer, and the drain
plumbing rerouted to leave more
space between the floor of the cabinet,
and the plumbing, so that I could
store far more 'stuff' than
I'll ever need, or use, or even find.
  Next time, I'll get a shorter disposer
  that doesn't take up so much space.

This is what existed under
the sink, before I started.
It's the same red bowl.
The next pic shows that
I have lots more space
to store 'stuff'.

This is the new drain plumbing
with the old disposer, that crapped
out, not long after these 2
pictures were taken.

The comparison, with that same
bowl, shows that I can pile stuff
much higher under the sink.

Here's (actually an old disposer)
With the lever, and rope, and
chock that I made to help with the
installation.  The hardest part
of installing a new disposer is
holding it tight up against the
drain, so that you can tighten
the nut that holds the disposer
to the bottom of the flange
that's in the sink.

With the chock inserted into the disposer, you
can use the lever to hold it up fairly easily.

Now, you're ready. Remove the old disposer,
and strainer flange and related parts, and install
the new one, with plumbers putty so it won't leak.
  (fairly often, you can leave the old flange in
  and just reuse it. They're pretty standard.)

Now's the fun part - crawling under the sink.
You want to become 40 years younger, and grow
2-3 extra arms (or get someone to help).
Put the new disposer under the sink. Put the
chock through the drain, and into the disposer.
Lift the disposer up to the drain, and then
hold it up tight while you tighten the nut.

Then you re-do the plumbing, but that's
a story for another time.
Another note, I always put pans or ??? on the bottom of the cabinet under the sink.
If there is a leak, I'd rather the water goes into a pan rather than on the bottom of the cabinet,
and then leak through onto the kitchen floor, that I cannot get to, in order to clean it up.
Cookie sheets work reasonably well. Dish trays used in cafes have more capacity, but may be a niussance.

Parts of a garbage disposer