Second instant overview page of html.

You can create a webpage using only what you see here.
You can only look at that page on your PC, not the internet.
To put your page online, you'll need to sign up with a host, where you can store your page(s).
But the design of html allows you to see what your page will look like, before you upload it.
To do this, you'll want to create a directory, like c:/users/you????/documents/html
(And I created another one to store pictures, etc like c:/users/you????/documents/html/images

You save your page, maybe as, it_is_gonna_work.html (or whatever).
You want to do html in lower case. Then on the url command line, you enter


It's not that bad, really it's not. I've only been at it for a month or so.

That was the introduction. Next is the real body of the html

say hello

Say hello bigger

Say hello bold

Say hello italic

Say hello squared 2

Say hello subscripted 3

Say hello even bigger, in color

Looking at the page, press ctrl-u to see the html
that will bring up a new tab with all of the html for this page
Extra blanks, and blank lines, are ignored, but they make it easier for you to read.
All your typing should be lowercase.

I always want to keep stuff short, but I also want to introduce style.
Style can make your page look like more than a single column,
from a black and white printer. Here it adds color and text size.
The second overview page is all about div, style, and class.

You can specify < style> either in < div>, or in < p> (w/o spaces).
eg, < p style="font-size:26px; background-color:yellow; color:blue;">Say hey< /p>

Shall we get more fancy? Do you want to see a picture (.jpg)

How 'bout a video? (eg Youtube or Vimeo) Either in a new tab, or embeded in the page.
How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented -- Veritasium

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