Hey, my first html page

This is your first page. BTW, your first (base) finename is index.html

Did you remember to try ctrl-u to see the html

This html can run either on your PC or your website
But for the moment, just run it on your PC
There are a number of choices to host your html
Wordpress .com or .org might be the most popular
But wordpress.com is more often used as a blog than a website.

I've used coffeecup.com (I like them)

When you're checking sites, be sure to look at the renewal price.
Sometimes it's a bit surprising.
Sometimes html will work on your PC but not on a website.
(That's the voice of experience.)

You also will use an editor.
Typically the one you know and like may be best.
Maybe Notepad. Or Notepad++ (there are some html add-ons that are nice.)
I use SPFlite, which is a line editor, because I've used something similar for decades.
It's free (he does, reasonably, ask for $20, but you don't have to pay). I highly recommend it.

One of the advantages of a line editor is when you delete stuff.
In notepad, when you push the delete key, you can delete half a page.
With a line editor, you only delete what's on that line, then it stops.

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